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Xara Designer Pro是Xara出品的一套很棒的图形图像编辑处理软件包,Xara Designer用来绘图、处理图像、制作WEB图形,具有制图速度快、软件体积小、界面美观等特点,被誉为世界上速度最快的绘图软件。
Xara Designer除了拥有极强绘图能力外,Designer Pro 的另一个显著特点就是能够很方便的快速“生产”网页图片(支持类似Photoshop的切图功能)。
例如,你可以用Designer Pro 来制作网站的导航图片,绘画处理和修饰你的画作,它拥有很友好、直观的介面,因此,不需要你具备很专业的美工基础,简单的只需要点击几下滑鼠即可完成你的作品,你还可以将它们发佈到网络上面。从而把做图变成了一件快乐的事情,Designer Pro 的操作简单直观的让人难以置信。用Xara Designer你可以自己画一个按钮放到你的网页上面,或者从一个视频中截取一段,然后把它们转换成 GIF,等等……软件的功能和其输出的效果相当完美!
Designer Pro 还内置大量模板,制作一些相对简单的效果比PS快N倍,非常适合懒人型玩家!!Xara Designer Pro拥有大量的图象编辑工具,包括实时的防混淆抗假信号、透明度、现实的影子实现、所有一类刷子、使效果成斜面等,以及强大的3d字体制作工具,且Xara Designer的绘图工具简单易用,同Photoshop一样,每个绘图工具都有相应的属性栏,结合工具栏中的颜色、图层、框架等功能调整,就能制作出专业水准的设计作品。Xara Designer本来是Corel公司的产品(相当于简化版的CorelDraw),后来独立开发,功能越来越完善。该软件操作方式和CorelDraw基本一致。

File Size: 240 MB

Quite simply the world’s fastest graphics software. Powerful illustration tools, innovative photo editing, flexible page layout and unrivalled WYSIWYG web design. A single application for all your creative work. Xara Designer Pro is our flagship product and includes all the illustration, photo editing, DTP and web design features of Photo & Graphic Designer, Web Designer Premium and Page & Layout Designer.

One Integrated Program
Xara Designer Pro is our flagship all-in-one creative title. In one completely integrated and consistent interface it provides all the tools for a range of graphic design tasks that would normally require three or more separate ‘suite’ programs: illustration, photo editing, advanced page layout, web graphics, websites and more.

Xara Designer Pro is based on one of the world’s most sophisticated, high performance vector rendering engines. The ultra fast processing, even with complex illustrations or very high resolution photos, makes it a pleasure to experiment. Don’t let your software get in the way of your creativity!

Direct Action Tools
Xara Designer Pro’s Direct Action Tools allow you to create effects such as transparency, shadows, bevels or gradient fills in an interactive, fast and intuitive way. No distracting dialogs – simply drag on the object!

Easy Drag & Drop
Many tasks in Xara Designer Pro benefit from being able to use the drag and drop principle, which is the most intuitive way of working and a great time saver. It also supports drag and drop import of files, such as photos.

Infinite Undo / Redo
Being able to change what you have done is vital in a graphics package. Xara Designer Pro allows unlimited undo, making experimentation easy.

Zoom to 25,000%
The Zoom tool allows magnification up to 25,000%, perfect for detailed work. And it’s super-fast and resolution independent too.

Top Quality Screen Display
Xara introduced the world’s first vector anti-aliasing to bring maximum screen quality and is still a pioneer with the fastest, highest quality anti-aliasing available in any drawing program.

Solid Object Editing
Instead of dragging outlines when you draw, move, rotate or resize objects, Designer Pro offers solid live object manipulation, which simply makes it much easier to see what you’re doing! Only Designer Pro is fast enough to do this on complex vector graphics.

All the Design Tools You Need
Designer Pro offers everything you need for handling text in your designs. You can enter your text at any angle and you can also set your text along a curved path. Additionally, just like any drawn object in Designer Pro, you can freely resize it on the page, and produce creative display text by applying any of the effects, such as transparency, fills, molds and so on – and yet the text remains editable.

Page Layout
Designer Pro offers everything you need for professional DTP, combining advanced text controls with flexible page layout features such as drag and drop editing of images and automatic text flow around objects.

Drawing Tools
Xara Designer Pro is the primary tool of many illustrators and includes a set of powerful but really easy to use vector line and shape drawing and editing tools.

3D Extrude
Take any shape, and just drag on the face to create a beautifully lit and shaded 3D version. Drag on the sides to extend the extrude depth. It couldn’t be easier.

The blend tool tweens or blends from one shape to another. It’s ultra-fast, click-drag simple, works with vector shapes, text and photos.

Transparency & Feathering
Xara was the first vector application to introduce transparency, and continues to this day to offer the easiest, most advanced transparency control of any software. With click-drag simplicity you can create graduated transparencies to any object, photo, text, and vector shape.

Live Effects
Live Effects are plug-in effects that can be applied to any object, including vector drawings – they are called Live Effects because the vector object remains editable even after applying the effect. Most modern Photoshop plug-ins work as Live Effects, giving access to a huge range of special effects (and many plug-ins are included).

Shadows, Bevels & Contours
Xara Designer Pro offers several powerful tools that allow you to add realistic effects with a single click. Apply, remove, and modify semi-transparent (or ‘soft’) shadows to any object with the Shadow tool. Use the Bevel tool to add bevels to any object, giving them the realistic appearance of depth. And add contours around objects with the Contour tool. All resolution independent (don’t lose quality when you scale them)!

Fast, non-destructive photo handling
Xara Designer Pro photo handling beats other graphics programs on many fronts. It’s much, much faster, produces smaller files and it’s non-destructive. It makes the perfect photo composition tool.

Integrated Photo Tool
Designer Pro includes a revolutionary integrated, ultra-fast, non-destructive photo editing tool. It offers both automatic real-time photo enhance and manual controls (brightness, contrast, sharpen, blur, saturation, temperature and a new cross process option) plus real-time scaling and rotation even on very high res images. Other features include flexible cropping, red eye removal, advanced shadow & highlights and brightness levels controls.

Advanced Photo Manipulation
The powerful photo tools can produce almost miraculous changes and improvements to your photos!

Photo Panoramas
Creating photo panoramas couldn’t be easier. Drop a series of photos on the page, click one button and you’ll get a perfect, seamless joined panoramic image.

Intelligent Scaling
The Photo Tool includes innovative intelligent image scaling technology that allows ‘content aware scaling’, which means images can be stretched or squashed while retaining the proportions of important pars of the picture.

Creative Effects
Xara Designer Pro supports Adobe Photoshop® plug-ins. There’s already a huge range of such plug-ins available, both free and commercial, for creating a variety of effects that would take a lifetime to explore.

Web Graphics, Web Pages & Websites
Designer Pro also offers web design features that make it a first class web authoring tool in its own right.

Compatibility With Industry Standards
Xara Designer Pro is used by many different types of customer in a spectacular range of uses – for designs combining drawings, text and photos, for print and the web – so we understand how important it is to offer compatibility with other products and users.

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