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Emerson Paradigm 22 build 2022.06.20 x64

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艾默生发布 Paradigm™ 22集成软件解决方案套件,该套件在统一平台上运行,用于生成高清晰度地下图像和模型。该版本包括多项先进技术,通过油藏智能帮助客户提高测量效果、增强运行确定性并支持有效的资产管理。

Paradigm 22 在优化结果精确度的同时,还能提高用户的工作效率和速度,该软件具有以下特点:

  • 具有人工智能(AI)能力,可从地震数据和钻井孔数据中快速可靠地识别地质。
  • 无缝统一的用户界面和数据管理(从地震数据处理到解释和建模),可在减少工作量的同时更快得出结果。
  • 支持云托管,有利于远程团队比以往更方便地协同工作。
  • 高分辨率处理、成像、解释和地质建模软件,提供更精确的地下模型。

该版本扩展了供客户选择的项目,帮助他们在勘探与生产过程中提高测量效果。Paradigm 22 使用机器学习功能作为数据集成和过程自动化工具,为加速解释和油藏描述过程提供先进自动化。 新功能包括:提高用户在高分辨率地震数据处理、成像及解释方面的生产率的功能;关于定量地震解释和油藏描述的更多选项;有关地质力学、钻井孔稳定性和生产测井的新增强功能;以及 Geolog® 中岩石物理不确定功能的扩展。 另外,该版本还加速艾默生为客户提供开放式连接并保持数据安全性的计划。

艾默生自动化解决方案勘探与生产软件业务首席产品官 Somesh Singh 表示:“如今,油气公司都面临着优化钻井成果的巨大压力。 Paradigm 22 中的新增强功能让我们的用户能将其地下技术与运营活动连接起来,帮助他们做出正确的钻井策略决定。”

x64 | File Size: 6.05 GB

Paradigm™ 22 offers new and enhanced functionalities that improve usability, productivity, automation, performance and collaboration in all E&P software domains, from seismic processing and imaging to reservoir modeling. The result is more efficient workflows, accurate results that reduce uncertainty, and cost savings across our customers’ entire organization.

This release marks an additional step towards full workflow integration. With classification and volume visualization workflows now available in Integrated Canvas, our users enjoy a comprehensive, one-stop shop for all their interpretation work.

Expanded automation and customization in our modeling applications further enhance product performance and usability, and accelerate time to results for both exploration and production.

This release continues our expansion into the energy transition market, through new technologies specifically aimed at the geothermal energy and carbon capture and storage market segments.

With a long history of working in a multi-vendor environment, we constantly update our connectivity capabilities so that our users can benefit from the latest versions of other providers’ solutions. This release also strengthens our cloud hosted solutions by supporting cloud-native object storage for seismic data, for more performant and cost-effective file storage.

Paradigm 22 runs on the latest operating systems and third-party libraries, and incorporates the industry’s most demanding security standards.

High-resolution Seismic Processing and Imaging

Improved result accuracy
-Q Tomography
-Kaleidoscope RTM commercial release

Increased efficiency
-EarthStudy 360 max frequency as a function of depth
-Automation of velocity uncertainty
-Improved automation of the TPT workflow for multi perturbation runs

High-resolution Seismic Interpretation
-Adding value to workflows
-Integrated volume-based interpretation
-​Enhanced usability
-Higher performance working with large projects

Accurate and Flexible Subsurface Modeling

Improved usability
-Performance improvements when working with large data
-Improved data visualization, well correlation and mapping
-Adding value to workflows
-New automatic UVT structural restoration
-New tectonic analysis tools in Kine3D-3
-New, advanced and optimized property modeling algorithms
-Gridding improvements

Uncertainty and risk assessment
-Use velocity uncertainties along with interpretation uncertainties
-Revamp structural uncertainty result display and analysis
-Manage complex fluid contacts for structure uncertainty
-Fault seal and displacement analysis in the presence of uncertainties

Expansion into new energies
-Improved connectivity to TOUGH2 groundwater and heat simulator
-Geothermal resource estimation
-Carbon storage capacity
-Expanded customization and scripting capabilities
-Expanded connectivity options

Industry-leading Formation Evaluation

Geolog 22 builds on the strengths of recent releases, including Geolog 21, plus

-Enrichment of Multimin to handle any number of custom minerals
-Improved usability through easy customization of Pay Summary reports and a new comprehensive zone picking tool
-New geochemistry and engineering functionalities to support energy transition

Data Management and Connectivity
-Support for the latest versions of Petrel, OpenWorks and Python
-Support for OSDU (beta)
-Multi-node SEG-Y loading on clusters for prestack and poststack data

Platform Support
-Support for the latest operating systems (Windows, Linux)
-Support for the latest third-party libraries (CUDA, Java, Python)

System Requirements
OS:Microsoft® Windows® 10 & 11
CPU:All solutions support Intel x64 architecture processors (x86_64). Processing and Imaging solutions also support AMD EPYC™ 7003 processors for HPC applications.
Note: Is not fully support Ryzen CPU but you can still install and run application but when you run the application you will get a Warning geniuneIntel.



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